Tales of Sex & Suburban Lunacy picks up where
the fairytale ends and the “…ever-after” begins.

In an affluent town just north of Toronto a different kind of suburbanite has emerged. Well educated successful Gen X-ers with a misguided sense of entitlement, an insatiable appetite for luxury goods and a set of lifestyle choices that includes everything from Dr. Bernstein diets and recreational drug misuse, to the bizarre antics of the sexually deviant and scandalously promiscuous.

And in the mix of dating, mating and moral dysfunction you’ll meet characters like Nina, forty-four, the divorced mother of twins who accidentally stumbles from one mortifying encounter to another in an effort to end a two-year long sexual drought. Madeline, fifty-two, single and stuck in online dating purgatory with a collection of horror stories acquired during her quest to find true love and join the ranks of the married middle-class. Jeannie, a forty-year-old TV producer and single mom with a gifted son, a sexy sadistic lawyer for an ex-husband and a gynecologist that is convinced Jeannie is a closet lesbian.

So welcome to a place where illicit sex is plentiful, romantic love is as elusive as smoke, and where life is part comedy of communal errors and part tragic milieu of the corrosively ambitious.

Welcome to the suburbs!


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